‘My jewellery and sculpture

Are informed by historical costume,

religious artefacts, fairy stories and popular culture.

Many of my elaborate pieces

contain a narrative; both amusing and poignant.

The jewellery is designed to be flattering and glamorous;

the small sculptures to be uplifting’


Most of the work is made in silver and knitted fine silver wire with precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, glass beads and pearls. However, no material is ever ruled out if it is thought to be suitable for the piece. So it is possible to find anything from a piece of butterfly wing to doll’s house cutlery in some of the items.

Rozie originally trained as an illustrator at Harrow School of Art (now the University of Westminster). In 1990 she returned to college at Hereford College of Art and Design where she completed the Small Studio Practice course (now Applied Arts).

Rozie produces wire sculptures and a constantly evolving  range of jewellery. She has also worked on several site-specific projects.  As well as making, Rozie works in educational establishments as a visiting artist and leading workshops.

Her work is exhibited nationally in galleries,

shops, craft fairs and markets.

Although she now works in three dimensions,she continues to

illustrate life and stories with her work.


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Rozie Keogh