Elizabeth Terzza grew up in Yorkshire and is currently based in Hereford; her interest and awe for the British countryside are instantly recognizable throughout her collections of handmade, contemporary jewellery. In her studio, she surrounds herself with pinecones, sycamore seeds and all the botanical treasures she gathers from her woodland walks in Herefordshire.


Forever collecting and taking note of her rural surroundings, Elizabeth is drawn to the silhouettes and simplicity in nature; the smooth lines in leaves and subtle textures of tree bark. She adopts these qualities and creates elegant, silver jewellery with an essence of tranquility that rests softly against the skin of the wearer.


Since graduating from Hereford College of Arts in 2012, Elizabeth won a placement with Alloy Jewellers. In her first two years of practice she has exhibited and sold her work widely through galleries across the UK. Elizabeth is currently exploring, designing and working towards producing new collections, watch this space!


Elizabeth Terzza




Alloy Chairman and Exhibition Curator.