My work is characterised by its delicacy, I use structure rather than weight to create strength. Each range has it's own unique inspiration and character yet they are all extremely wearable, classic pieces of jewellery which will compliment many outfits and will not date.


  My work is inspired by my love of minerals, science and gemstones. Many of my pieces feature beautiful semi-precious stones which I cut and carve into by hand. I am especially fascinated with the textures and rich surfaces I can create through stone carving; from crisp clean lines through to earthy organic forms. These uniquely carved stones are then set in precious metals to create beautiful items of jewellery.


  Some of my pieces use mathematical proportions to create interesting optical effects, namely the 'mobius' range. I use fine wires and precision laser welding techniques to create an incredibly light yet structural framework with surprising strength and rigidity.






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Annie Cracknell